star Meet Local Student Athletes Off the Bench with Host Kash Daniel

Starting, January 6th, 2022, Kash Daniel, former University of Kentucky Linebacker, gives the Blue Grass State the opportunity to meet players #OffTheBench through an exclusive weekly interview on WKYT, Presented by the University of Kentucky Federal Credit Union. Off The Bench will focus on local students to uncover who they are, how they got there, and what they do off the field, court, course, or track within their community.

This exclusive interview will allow viewers to see athletes from another angle, including hobbies, community services, and entrepreneurship.

Watch Player’s Corner, Off the Bench every Thursday on WKYT’s Everyday Kentucky from 9a-10a brought to you by The University of Kentucky Federal Credit Union. Click below for a quick preview of what you can expect, and check out highlights from Off the Bench.

If you know a student who is doing something exceptional, email us at [email protected].


Craig Upton, Fencing Enthusiast

Craig Upton shares his passion for the sport of modern fencing with Kash Daniel in this episode of Off the Bench. Craig specializes in the foil category, which is one of three types of modern fencing: the foil, the épée, and the sabre. Craig currently attends Paul Laurence Dunbar High School, and is looking ahead to pursue a degree in forestry, fishing and wildlife. Click below to learn more and hear Craig's insight into the sport of fencing.

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Carter Lowe, Senior Football Player and Entrepreneur

In addition to being a senior athlete within the George Roger's Clark High School football program, Carter Lowe is an off-the-bench entrepreneur, maintaining an active and thriving local lawn business within his local community. Carter has been accepted into the University of Kentucky, where he plans to study electrical engineering after graduating from George Roger's Clark High School in 2022. View this full segment of Player's Corner, Off the Bench below.

Hillary Thompson, Exceptional on the Lacrosse Field and in Her Community

Hillary Thompson is exceptional both on and off the bench at Frederick Douglas High School. Hillary is passionate contributing to the lacrosse team as a defensive player as well as doing service work in her community. Watch this segment of Player's Corner, Off the Bench below.

Tennyson Prater, Multisport Athlete and Musician

Tennyson Prater is a multisport athlete, playing both tennis and soccer at George Rogers Clark High School. Hear Tennyson's story of overcoming adversity, remaining true to his faith, and passion for writing and performing music below on Off the Bench with Kash Daniel.